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Can Cats and Dogs be Vegan?

Without a doubt, cats and dogs can be vegan. Over our many years in business, we have heard countless success stories from people whose companion animals have transitioned to a vegan diet and have been happy and healthy the entire time. There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding the various theories and opinions as to why some people insist that it can't be done, but time and time again, people have proven it's not only possible, but many times a better diet than what they'd previously been feeding their companion animals. Regardless of the opinions of the "experts" who are often either misinformed or are basing their ideas on assumptions, we have seen first-hand that for many animals, it is a very healthy diet that they can stay on for their entire lives. All foods we sell are nutritionally complete and contain all the essential proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids for cats and dogs to get everything they need for optimal health. The brands we carry are not ones you need to add additional supplements to in order for them to be nutritionally complete.

Of course, animals are like people - each one is different, and just as how some people can change from one diet to another easily, others may not find it to be as simple. Each cat (and dog) needs to be treated on a case-by-case basis for how well they adapt to the diet - some will be able to go 100% vegan quickly and easily and will thrive on it, others may need a more cautious approach that is slow to change over, with some cats possibly doing best with only a partially vegan diet (please read our FAQ section for more details). We have never heard of a cat or dog who did not do well on at least a partially vegan diet, so if you're concerned about a full transition, it may be best to start with a 50/50 balance of vegan and non-vegan food initially. Of course, most of you who are reading this are wanting to go with a 100% vegan diet, which is quite fine, but please be sure to read over our FAQ section to see all the details regarding our recommendations for a change in diet toward veganism. There's a good deal of useful information there to help make the change over as smooth and worry-free as possible.

Every bit of change toward a vegan diet for your cats and dogs reduces their dependance on slaughterhouse by-products, and in turn, reduces overall demand for the consumption of animal-based products. Even if you decide to only give your companions a partially vegan diet, it still makes a big difference over time when you add up all the meat-based foods that they're no longer eating, so even small steps make a huge difference!

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